Dec 17

DaleyKlippings v0.3

    This version includes several additional features:

    • Added several export formats to the installer:
      • XML (with and without attached notes)
      • CSV (with and without attached notes)
    • Added several additional Prefixes to better support new export formats
      • QuoteSafe – Replaces ” with ‘
      • CommaSafe – Replaces , with _
      • TabSafe – Replaces <tab> with 5 <spaces>
      • Truncate### and Ellipsis###
        • If the input is longer that the three digit number, bot truncate the input (e.g. Truncate010 truncates to 10 digits while Truncate200 truncates to 200 digits).  This prefix must include 3 digits so numbers <100 should be zero padded (e.g. 010 for 10)
        • The only difference is that Ellipsis replaces the final 3 digits with “…”.
        • For example, given the phrase “star indica*tes 10th character boundary” Truncate010 will return “star indica” and Ellipsis010 will return “star ind…”
    Dec 16

    DaleyKlippings v0.2

      This version includes several minor but important bug fixes:

      • Fixed a bug where the program would fail if any of your notes or highlights were generated by a document without locations.
      • Attached Notes will now list the full location of the highlight.  They used to list only the location associated with the note.
      • Several minor core improvements
      Dec 15

      DaleyKlippings v0.1

      This is the first public beta of DaleyKlippings.  The file may be downloaded here:

        The software is derived from public domain Klippings (not to be confused with Klippings Kollector).  You can get a basic idea of the feature set at the original site.  However, I fixed a slew of bugs and have made many enhancements including:

        Advanced matching between notes and highlights:

        • The matching algorithm now uses locations and location ranges instead of dates when determining matches.  This should significantly improve the accuracy of the matching process.
        • When attaching a note, the algorithm automatically checks the highlight before and after the note.  This expands support to Kindle devices (like the Touch) that list the notes before the highlights.

        Now supports Author, Page, Note, and Highlight fields

        • All of these fields can be used as wildcards when creating export templates
        • Generally speaking, users should continue to use “Text” when creating export patterns because “Note” and “Highlight” will not always have data.

        Added “formatting prefixes” – Formatting prefixes make it easier to adjust data based on your output needs.  Current formats include:

        • XmlSafe – Replaces <, >, and & with their HTML equivalents
        • EvernoteTag – Enforces Evernote’s tag requirements by removing all commas (replaced with ‘_’) and limiting length to 100 characters
        • Formatting prefixes can be added to any tag to change the output.  For example, XmlSafeTitle or XmlSafeText.

        Fully customized Attached Notes

        • Notes no longer use the “highlight delimeter” logic.  Instead, each export pattern has an extra input box.  This box accepts a pattern that will be applied to Attached Notes.
        • This box uses the same pattern logic as other export windows.  It accepts all prefixes and any field EXCEPT “Text”.

        Enhanced Text field

        • Despite changes to Attached Notes and user interface, the Text field will continue to dynamically choose between “Bookmarks” (empty), “Notes”, “Highlights”, and “Attached Notes” when filling in the field.
        • The Text field accepts all Prefixes with one caveat.  Because Attached Notes can be fully configured through the Export pattern, prefixes are not applied to Attached Notes.  These prefixes are applied to individual Notes and Highlights.