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DaleyKlippings v0.3

    This version includes several additional features:

    • Added several export formats to the installer:
      • XML (with and without attached notes)
      • CSV (with and without attached notes)
    • Added several additional Prefixes to better support new export formats
      • QuoteSafe – Replaces ” with ‘
      • CommaSafe – Replaces , with _
      • TabSafe – Replaces <tab> with 5 <spaces>
      • Truncate### and Ellipsis###
        • If the input is longer that the three digit number, bot truncate the input (e.g. Truncate010 truncates to 10 digits while Truncate200 truncates to 200 digits).  This prefix must include 3 digits so numbers <100 should be zero padded (e.g. 010 for 10)
        • The only difference is that Ellipsis replaces the final 3 digits with “…”.
        • For example, given the phrase “star indica*tes 10th character boundary” Truncate010 will return “star indica” and Ellipsis010 will return “star ind…”

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