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DaleyKlippings v1.3.0

    This version includes several significant improvements:

    • Import Localization – this version significantly improves support for non-English versions of the Kindle.
      • The date-interpreter is now able to accept localized dates (i.e. where months and days-of-week are in a local language).  Under Settings, use the “Date Interpreter” dropdown to select the language you wish to use.  NOTE:  In some cases, date patterns need to be updated to ignore utility words like the Spanish ‘de’ that may be included in the date pattern.
      • Some localized Kindles do not use the hyphen to indicate a page range. Instead, they use a word like “152 a 167”.  The “Range Divider” option in the settings permits users to specify a custom connector for location and page ranges.  NOTE:  The default pattern for Page and Location only matches hyphens and numbers.  Additional characters must be added to this pattern if you are using this feature.
      • Sample patterns for Spanish and German are included.  NOTE:  These patters will only function correctly if all of the language settings are updated.
      • The Date Language setting is also used to determine the way date and time are displayed in the main table.
    • CSV Import/Export – This version offers CSV import and export using a fully featured CSV module instead of the Import/Export Pattern system.
      • CSV Export was always possible, but this should improve the stability and reliability of the process.
      • CSV Import was difficult or impossible using an Import Pattern.  This new approach should address most of the potential issues.
      • This system has been tested with Excel 2010 and is likely to work with Excel 2007 or newer.  Some older versions of Excel do not correctly handle the file type used. Users report that the newest version of OpenOffice Calc does not exhibit these issues.
      • Even in newer versions, some characters displayed strangely in Excel.  In my testing, the characters were not corrupted and looked fine once the file was imported back into DaleyKlippings (even if other pats of the file were changed)
      • While this feature should be a significant improvement on the existing system, it’s impossible to anticipate or test every circumstance.  If you experience any issues with the system, please contact us.
    • Upgrade Preserves Custom Settings – this version uses separate files for default and personalized settings.  This allows you to install a new version of DaleyKlippings over an old version without losing your customizations.  In previous versions, you had to manually backup and restore your settings file.
      • A side-effect of this change is that Patterns are no longer permanently deleted.  If you have not created a new patter with the same name, it can be recovered by manually modifying the “settings.txt” file.
      • NOTE:  If you create another pattern with the same name, the old pattern will get overwritten.
    • Backup Settings – To minimize the odds of data loss, this version writes both a “settings.txt” and “settings.bak”.  Even if one of the files gets corrupted during an abnormal exit, the other should not.
    • New Version Numbering – From this point forward, DaleyKlippings will use three version numbers: <major>.<minor>.<release>.
      • Major versions would involve significant (and usually not-backwards-compatible) changes to the architecture.  This is unlikely to occur while this remains a side project of mine.
      • Minor versions indicate additional features and are recommended.  The mailing list will get notifications about these versions.
      • Release versions are reserved primarily for bug fixes.  If you aren’t experiencing any of the bugs included in the release, upgrading isn’t critical. The mailing list will only get a notification for these releases if the bug is impacting a wide number of users (whether or not the users realize).
      • To ensure that all systems recognize this version as an upgrade, it uses the version number 1.3.0
    • Bug Fixes – This version includes a few minor bug fixes
      • The Author column should no longer use the Type dropdown
      • The Type column should correctly use the Type dropdown
      • Both the Location and Page fields should enforce the location patterns
      • Fixed default Delimiter to use “==========” instead of “/r/n” to better reflect Kindle defaults.
      • If you have localized the terms for “Highlight” and/or “Note”, matching between highlights and notes should be fully functional.

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