DaleyKlippings v1.3.2

    This version includes several core improvements to better support other operating systems (especially OSX) and several minor fixes to new features in 1.3.1:

    • CSV Export uses the Date Interpreter setting to format output
    • All of the default patterns have been reviewed and any issues were corrected. This should not affect working patterns.
    • Settings dialog will default to the ‘Application’ page
    • In Settings dialog, the default Import and Export Patterns will be automatically displayed
    • The program will now place ‘settings.txt’ in a User’s Application Data folder for non-portable installations:
      • If you’re migrating from a previous version, your current settings should be copied automatically.
      • The precise location of this folder varies by OS.
      • This will improve support for systems (like OSX) that do not allow an application to write to the folder that contains the program executable.
    • On the back-end, PyQt4 has been replaced by PySide.
      • PySide improves compatibility with virtualenv thanks to pip compatibility.
      • As an added bonus, it provides a more flexible licensing arrangement.
      • If you experience anything odd with the new UI, please report it!  I don’t expect any major issues, but I have a brief window where I can reverse this change if it causes widespread problems.
    • DaleyKlippings icon has been implemented in more places (installer, uninstaller, main window, taskbar, etc.)

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