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DaleyKlippings v0.7 / My settings are empty

DaleyKlippings was derived from a software program known as Klippings.  This software saved the settings.txt file in the Program Files folder and we have not updated this feature yet.

Some security settings prevent DaleyKlippings from writing data back to the settings.txt file.  As a result, your new settings might come up blank (or changes might not be saved).  If you are experiencing this issue, please download the “Portable” version off of the Downloads page.  Unzip this folder and start the program using the EXE file in that directory.

If this resolves your issue, move the folder to a permanent location (e.g. My Documents) and create a shortcut to the EXE file on your desktop or your Start Menu.

We hope to upgrade the software at some point to resolve this issue.  Please sign up to be notified of new releases (box in the right column) or check back.  We will update this FAQ article if/when we release a version without this issue.