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Import Pattern for Kindle 3

The original Kindle 3 pattern had a bug so this improved pattern was included in v0.7.  Note that this version excludes bookmarks.

Notes delimiter:


Notes pattern:

# Import notes and highlights from "My Clippings.txt" and ignore
# bookmarks. Warnings with information on ignored bookmarks
# will be added to the log - this is the app normal behaviour
# Note that VERBOSE and UNICODE options are always on
^\s*                         #
(?P<Book>.*?)                # Book name
(\s*\((?P<Author>[^\(]*)\))? # Author name (optional)
\s*-\                        #
(?P<Type>(Highlight|Note))   # Clipping type - 'Highlight' or 'Note'
(\ on\ Page\                 #
(?P<Page>[\d-]*)\ \|)?       # Page (optional)
(.*(Location|Loc\.)\         #
(?P<Location>[\d-]*))?       # Location (optional)
.*?Added\ on\                #
(?P<Date>(.*)(AM|PM))        # Date & time
\s*                          #
(?P<Text>.*?)                # Text
\s*$                         #

Date Format – This field is left empty because the default matching pattern works with everything we tested.

Encoding – While we pick utf-8, most files aren’t encoded this way.  However, (as of v0.7) the system will automatically check utf-16 and windows-1252 if the configured encoding fails.  By selecting utf-8, we catch anything that happens to be encoded in utf-8 before falling back on utf-16 and windows-1252..

UTF-8 (all languages)

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