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Import Pattern for Kindle(R) Touch v5.1.2

This import pattern has been tested on a Kindle Touch running software version 5.1.2.  It may work on different hardware or older/newer software, but you are encouraged to find (or request) a pattern designed especially for your Kindle.

The pattern is designed to import Notes and Highlights, but not bookmarks.  It attempts to parse the book name into “Book (Author)”, the standard Kindle format.  This usually does not work on kindle documents and the complete book name (including author if listed) is stored in the book field.

Notes delimiter:


Notes pattern:

# Import notes and highlights from "My Clippings.txt" and ignore
# bookmarks. Warnings with information on ignored bookmarks
# will be added to the log - this is the app normal behaviour

# Note that VERBOSE and UNICODE options are always on

^\s*                           #
(?P<Book>.*?)                  # Book name
(\s*\((?P<Author>[^\(]*)\))?   # Author name (optional)
\s*-\ Your\                    #
(?P<Type>(Highlight|Note))     # Clipping type - 'Highlight' or 'Note'
(\ on\ Page\                   #
(?P<Page>[\d-]*)\ \|)?         # Page (optional)
(.*(Location)\                 #
(?P<Location>[\d-]*))?         # Location (optional)
.*?Added\ on\                  #
(?P<Date>(.*)(AM|PM))          # Date & time
\s*                            #
(?P<Text>.*?)                  # Text
\s*$                           #

Date Format:

dddd, MMMM d, yyyy h:mm:ss A


UTF-8 (all languages)

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